NASBL Begins Tomorrow!

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The season is set to begin tomorrow!! All games except one this week will be streamed over at the official NASBL Twitch Page!

Teams fighting for the Star Spangled Cup (subject to change):

  • Pillars of the Community – Summer Cup Champions
  • Tim Allen Post Crew
  • Grounds Keepers
  • Speed Hack Detected
  • Little Mermaids.White
  • Little Mermaids.Black

NASBL Week 1 -

October 15th

  • T.A.P.C. vs. Little Mermaids.Black – 8:30PM EST
  • Speed Hack Detected vs. T.A.P.C. – 9:15PM EST
  • Speed Hack Detected vs. Grounds Keepers – 10:00PM EST

October 16th

  • Grounds Keepers vs. Little Mermaids.White – 8:30PM EST (Streamed)
  • Little Mermaids.Black vs. Pillars – 8:30PM EST
  • Little Mermaids.White vs. Pillars – 9:30PM EST

Prepare yourself.

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Season Announcement!

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Hello there! We at NASBL happy to undertake in a monumental Supraball’s history! From October 11th to November 15th, the greats of North America will battle to become champions of the first of many seasons! Who will claim the Star Spangled Trophy(Subject to name change) as the best of North America.


Starting today signups will be open for free agents, teams are a special case. To admit teams into the league, they must prove they can commit in undertaking the entire 5-week season.

Team Captains please PM me as well.

Current Teams
Tim Allen Post Crew
Speed Hack Detected
Grounds Keepers
Little Mermaids.white

Rules & Format

After much deliberation between our officials and European counterpart, we have a set of rules and a format. Be aware, they do, however, differ from our buddies across the sea.


  • Points
Outcome Win OTL
Points 2 1

OTL = Overtime loss

  • Scheduling

Each team will play every other team twice during the regular season (on different weeks). The season is 5 weeks in length. As was done in Deathball, each team will schedule with one another to set a time beneficial for both teams. If no resolution can be made, the default game day time will be Saturday at 9:30 PM EST.

  • Tie-breakers

The order of tie breakers will be:

  1. Head-to-head record
  2. Regulation Wins (Wins not in overtime)
  3. Goal Differential
  • Conclusion

This format mirrors the format of the National Hockey League and we believe it will be the best fit in Supraball.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment, PM me or contact me on IRC! Also don’t hesitate to contact my counterpart and fellow partner in crime, … Koji! \\o

Getting into Competitive play

Check out to find out how to join our pickup games! \o/

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New Look, New System!

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Welcome to the new NASBL site, trying to make things a bit more modern and easier for more people to administrate, some things will be different. some better, some not as good, but overall hopefully an easier experience for both players, captains, and officials alike.

All Players and Teams may need to re-register, the known active teams have been added.  Players will be added pending they use the player registration form to give us the information and avatars to add them in to our new database.

Please take time to check out the rules and regulations, we are looking to start a short fall season to get things going and get more teams interested.

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