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How to Join PUGS
Posted on 29 Aug 2014 by Inphidel
Public matches are grounds to learn the controls and the general flow of the game, in PUGs, pick up games, players compete on the next-level. Teams are drafted game-by-game and players communicate using Teamspeak. These games are the pinnacle of high-level play, yet still new player friendly!

To join PUGs you must first join IRC, which is chat-based communications medium. You can join using this link, if you are in NA, or this for EU. Simply choose a name that matches your in game name (minus the spaces) and join chat!

Now that you are in IRC here's how you get into a game. The following is a list of commands to type in IRC to join PUGs and etc.

!join m
>joins as a midfielder

!join d
>joins as a defender*

!join k
>joins as a keeper*

PUGs are 5v5, last 20 minutes and follow the 3-1-1 format. *If you join as a keeper or defender you might be expected to pick teams, you do this by typing "!pick playername." I should warn you the picking format is weird to get used to, if you are second pick you pick twice, then the first picks second time picking they pick twice. You'll see once it happens.

Okay so once you are joined in you simply wait for all positions to be filled, might take awhile or a little depends on the time of the day.

>will display the positions still avaliable

Once all players have been drafted a bot will spit out a command in IRC it should look something like the following:


Go to your game and hit "TAB" then copy paste this in and hit enter. This will put you into the game and simply just change teams to whatever team you were selected to and wait for an admin to reset the server.
 Pubstars United10-4Barroom Heroes
 F.I.A.T10-1Big Booties Bithes
 F.I.A.T12-1Barroom Heroes
 Big Booties Bithes4-16Pubstars United
 Barroom Heroes6-5Big Booties Bithes
 Pubstars United10-3F.I.A.T
 Team Europe14-6Quixotic Quintette
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