Standings Season II

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Winter Season 2014-2015

1Booper Scoopers00000000
1Pillars Left00000000
1Pillars Right00000000
1Speedhack Detected00000000
1Status Quo00000000
1Tim Allen Post Crew00000000
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Past Seasons

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All seasons previous to the current season will be located here.

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Rules Update

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After a vote among the players and officials, we have decided to introduce a new rule:

Beginning next NASBL Season, there will be a league roster limit of 9 players. This rule does not restrict players for scrims against mixes and teams, only restricting the number of players one team may have registered at one time during the season. If a team would like to pick up a player after they have reached the limit, they will have to drop a player currently on the roster, and this player is free to join any other team. However, a team must wait 2 weeks(40% of league) until picking up a dropped player again.(Rosters must be finalized for the week by Sunday)

Note, we are not preventing players from joining teams or forcing players off of teams. The final roster of 9 will be up to the teams themselves. This roster limit will only effect the team’s available pool of players for the NASBL season.

In addition, there is a clarification on the rules for substitutions:

A substitute is any player who will fill the spot of a team player during a game that is not on the teams roster. The team may pull from their roster without need for approval, but if they need an outside substitute they must get approval from the other team. No player may alias as another in order to circumvent these rules. This will be considered cheating and the game will be subject to review.


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Week 1 Roundup

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Wow! The season is up and running with a full double bill of matches for all of our teams. Grounds Keepers came out swinging with big wins over Little Mermaids White and Speed Hack Detected, who themselves bagged a surprise victory over the Tim Allen Post Crew. Both Little Mermaids teams looked set to topple the Pillars, but the preseason favorites won through in the end. Remember to subscribe to the NA Supraball League twitch channel for updates on live casts!

Wednesday 15th:

Thursday 16th:

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NASBL Begins Tomorrow!

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The season is set to begin tomorrow!! All games except one this week will be streamed over at the official NASBL Twitch Page!

Teams fighting for the Star Spangled Cup (subject to change):

  • Pillars of the Community – Summer Cup Champions
  • Tim Allen Post Crew
  • Grounds Keepers
  • Speed Hack Detected
  • Little Mermaids.White
  • Little Mermaids.Black

NASBL Week 1 -

October 15th

  • T.A.P.C. vs. Little Mermaids.Black – 8:30PM EST
  • Speed Hack Detected vs. T.A.P.C. – 9:15PM EST
  • Speed Hack Detected vs. Grounds Keepers – 10:00PM EST

October 16th

  • Grounds Keepers vs. Little Mermaids.White – 8:30PM EST (Streamed)
  • Little Mermaids.Black vs. Pillars – 8:30PM EST
  • Little Mermaids.White vs. Pillars – 9:30PM EST

Prepare yourself.

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Supraball League Wednesdays

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Supraball League Wednesdays

Your Weekly cast for SupraBall league news scores and information.

Your Host: Noluckfor


Episode 1 – Listen to the first cast of the series




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Site Admin

Inphidel (Brian)

League Commisioner

Billiam (Hunter)

Billiam has been playing Supraball since May, 2014. His impact with the community has been evident since his first week when he organized the Suprapug Cup. He would later organize a June Supradraft tournament. After being asked to join forces with NASBL as the League Coordinator, he put together the NASBL Summer Cup and now heads the effort going into the first season of NASBL. He has stayed at the helm of North American Supraball ever since.

Outside of Supraball, he enjoys long walks on the beach, dogs, and good looking women!


Fooman (Steve)

Fooman has played Supraball from the beginning, in 2002 when it was an Unreal Tournament mod called called Deathball.  He hosted a server back then to help spread this awesome game to the masses.  He continued this goal by helping administrate the North American DeathBall League, and now the NASBL.  As a player, defense is his specialty.  If you are near him, beware the Fooman Facial.

Welshy (Jon)

Welshy is fairly new to the Supraball community, joining in August of 2014. Since then, he has helped out the NASBL staff in organizing the teams and schedules for the upcoming 2014 Professional Season. He’s a regular player in both pickup games and public matches, and can almost always be found in the IRC channels.

Outside of Supraball, he is a high school student who enjoys running, photography and science!

Pacman (Luke)



Koji is the NASBL Public Relations / Media / Streaming Coordinator. He has been involved with NASBL since the Fall Cup and continues to bring high quality content to NASBL.





All officials can be contacted via the following form

[xyz-cfm-form id=3]

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Introduction Season

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Fall Season 2014 Calendar



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Season Announcement!

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Hello there! We at NASBL happy to undertake in a monumental Supraball’s history! From October 11th to November 15th, the greats of North America will battle to become champions of the first of many seasons! Who will claim the Star Spangled Trophy(Subject to name change) as the best of North America.


Starting today signups will be open for free agents, teams are a special case. To admit teams into the league, they must prove they can commit in undertaking the entire 5-week season.

Team Captains please PM me as well.

Current Teams
Tim Allen Post Crew
Speed Hack Detected
Grounds Keepers
Little Mermaids.white

Rules & Format

After much deliberation between our officials and European counterpart, we have a set of rules and a format. Be aware, they do, however, differ from our buddies across the sea.


  • Points
Outcome Win OTL
Points 2 1

OTL = Overtime loss

  • Scheduling

Each team will play every other team twice during the regular season (on different weeks). The season is 5 weeks in length. As was done in Deathball, each team will schedule with one another to set a time beneficial for both teams. If no resolution can be made, the default game day time will be Saturday at 9:30 PM EST.

  • Tie-breakers

The order of tie breakers will be:

  1. Head-to-head record
  2. Regulation Wins (Wins not in overtime)
  3. Goal Differential
  • Conclusion

This format mirrors the format of the National Hockey League and we believe it will be the best fit in Supraball.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment, PM me or contact me on IRC! Also don’t hesitate to contact my counterpart and fellow partner in crime, … Koji! \\o

Getting into Competitive play

Check out to find out how to join our pickup games! \o/

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Rules & Regulations

Supraball Competition Rules


I – General Format

II – Gameplay

III – Sportsmanship

IV – League Specific

V – Other


I. General Format

The standard for competitive Supraball is two teams of five competing for twenty minutes on the map “db-pitch_walls”. Alterations to this format may occur in events organized by third parties, in which case this article will be invalidated.


II. Gameplay

The following stipulations are placed in order to ensure the competitive nature of the game.

For clarification of stats taken by humans, he is how assists and saves are awarded.

  •  Assist: Awarded to the player who last passed to the goal scorer (2nd to last passer is awarded an assist if they are directly involved in the cause of the goal).
  •  Save: The player with keeper powers blocks or catches the ball after an enemy has shot it at their goal before the ball is deflected outward by either post or wall (If the stat keeper decides that a shot is odviously not on goal they will not mark it as a save).

  Substitutions will only be allowed during one of the following two scenarios:

  • A player disconnects due to an external issue, such as a blackout.
  • A goal is scored and a team would like to replace a player during the period that the teams are unable to go to the other’s side.

  **only teammates, or a player agreed on by both teams may substitute someone.


  Delay of game: the act of a winning team wasting time when they have the lead, will be addressed on a case-by-case basis by an independent, unbiased third party. This party will decide whether the team was indeed delaying the game and    their punishment.

  **until a proper fix is implemented, this rule is subjective.


III. Sportsmanship

All competitive matches, excluding PUGs, will bar the use of language that insult or offend any players in the game. Players are expected to be on their best behavior. Out-of-game actions will not be monitored or considered in any reprimanding ruling. However, actions committed in game will be reprimanded on a case-by-case basis. Derogatory binds fall under this category.


IV. League Specific Rules

  • No macros, or external programs are allowed that allow a player to do something in the game he couldn’t do without them. This excludes VoIP programs.
  • Starting season 2, the roster limit will be 9 players per team.
  • Reschedules must be agreed upon by both teams. If a team cannot agree to reschedule and cannot field 5 players (including subs) they will forfeit.
  • In this order, tiebreakers will be determined by: head-to-head record, overall goal differential, total goals scored.

V. Other

The NASBL Voting process will be used to settle controversial issues. NASBL is not responsible nor should they be expected to use the process for every decision.

The voting process is as follows:

  • 3 votes from a Public Poll (Will be split based on the vote, ie 66% of the votes will result in getting 2 votes)
  • 5 votes from Officials (Each official gets a vote)
  • 2 votes from League Commissioner

For an amendment to pass, 6 out of the 10 votes must be in favor of the resolution.


All rules are subject to change, every player will be expected to be following all of the guidelines stated.

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